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Willamette HVAC, LLC highly recommends professional inspection of your cooling system prior to the start of summer in the Portland Metro area. As with any complex machinery, parts eventually wear out. Catching these problems and resolving them as early as possible combats more expensive damage, improves comfort, and protects indoor air quality. Neglected equipment typically fails during extreme weather conditions. Excessive heat requires the cooling unit to work harder, and the extra stress then results in costly repairs. Don’t be left to suffer the heat. Rely on Willamette HVAC, LLC.

Efficient Air Conditioner Maintenance

Call on the factory authorized specialists from Willamette HVAC, LLC for skilled and conscientious upkeep of all makes and models of residential and commercial air conditioners. We complete meticulous troubleshooting, cleaning, and adjustment, and keep you informed.

For reliable A/C system service, look no further than Willamette HVAC, LLC!

There are no surprises, no interruption in your cool comfort, and our services are quick and cost-effective. Established in 1986, we can assure you that the majority of repairs we’re called to handle could have easily been avoided with annual maintenance. Let us save you money and optimize the performance of your air conditioner with proactive service anywhere across Hillsboro, Aloha, Beaverton, Cornelius and Forest Grove, OR.

Why schedule annual air conditioner maintenance from Willamette HVAC, LLC?

  • Higher efficiency
  • Fewer Malfunctions
  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality
  • Maximize System Lifespan
  • Superior Comfort
  • Lower Sound Levels
  • Restored Dehumidification Capability
  • Reduced Running Costs
  • Fulfills Warranty Requirements
  • Minimize Your Carbon Footprint and Help The Environment

Serving the Portland Metro area

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What our clients are saying

Brianna B.

Jeremy Darling came in to fix my AC this evening as it has been leaking for the past week, he was super nice and super efficient. I couldn’t thank Jeremy enough for coming and fixing my AC as summer has only began and the temperatures have began to rise! Thank you Jeremy for your service, you are very much appreciated!

Lisa M.

Excellent customer service from the first minute. Erin made it easy to schedule service and Jesse did a great job installing the water heater. Really easy and smooth process. Thank you all!

Kala K.

Jeremy was very quick to figure out the problem with our electric furnace in our office AND our gas furnace for our warehouse. I was very pleased with his service and knowledge of how to deal with our issue. And now we have heat! Thank you Jeremy!