Through the latest advancements in technology, Willamette HVAC, LLC makes it easy for you to manage the comfort, energy savings, and day-to-day requirements of your commercial facility, round the clock, regardless of whether you are on or off the premises. We specialize in commercial controls. Building Automation systems link mechanical and electrical components with microprocessors that communicate with each other and a computer, which can be networked to the internet. We work with Johnson Controls for intelligent building automation and control solutions.

Commercial Control Systems

We at Willamette HVAC, LLC understand that the needs of your facility in the Portland Metro area are unique. Our trained and experienced professionals custom design a solution to achieve your goals. For commercial controls to be effective and deliver optimum return and convenience, proper installation and knowledgeable upkeep are vital. Don’t hesitate to call on the experts from Willamette HVAC, LLC for higher quality products and workmanship anywhere across Hillsboro, Aloha, Beaverton, Cornelius and Forest Grove, OR.

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Willamette HVAC, LLC recommends the i-Vu Carrier Control System for superior energy management. This pioneer in automation accommodates any HVAC equipment and offers unmatched ease-of-operation and industry-leading features. No matter what style of control best serves your facility, Willamette HVAC, LLC ensures a quick and smooth integration and your complete satisfaction.

Why upgrade your commercial controls:

  • Set up schedules for operation of heating cooling, lighting, and more.
  • Optimal start allows equipment to be up and running in peak sequential order prior to building occupation.
  • Adaptive learning automatically adjusts operation of heating/cooling based on demands of individual zones.
  • Monitor energy usage.
  • Get alerts for developing problems, system failures, maintenance needs, temperature fluctuations, and maintenance needs.
  • Integrate systems such as surveillance cameras, door locks, security codes, air quality accessories, and more.
  • Remote access allows you to check up and make changes from anywhere.
  • Maximize energy efficiency, reliability, and longevity of essential equipment.
  • Reduce your bottom line as well as your carbon footprint.

Serving the Portland Metro area

What our clients are saying

Brianna B.

Jeremy Darling came in to fix my AC this evening as it has been leaking for the past week, he was super nice and super efficient. I couldn’t thank Jeremy enough for coming and fixing my AC as summer has only began and the temperatures have began to rise! Thank you Jeremy for your service, you are very much appreciated!

Lisa M.

Excellent customer service from the first minute. Erin made it easy to schedule service and Jesse did a great job installing the water heater. Really easy and smooth process. Thank you all!

Kala K.

Jeremy was very quick to figure out the problem with our electric furnace in our office AND our gas furnace for our warehouse. I was very pleased with his service and knowledge of how to deal with our issue. And now we have heat! Thank you Jeremy!