Willamette HVAC, LLC offers an extensive and customizable line of spray booths, along with a complete range of services, in the Portland Metro area. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of automotive, industrial, or truck spray booth, maintenance or repair, we will meet your needs with top quality. We provide a streamlined start-to-finish process for your business with a paint booth and accessories made of the best materials, constructed with attention to detail, and supported by the latest in innovative technology.

Automotive Paint Booth Installations & Maintenance

Having problems with overspray collecting on vehicles in the parking lot? Complaints about odors? Excessive overspray in the paint booth? A blower wheel that’s quit or making a strange sound? Doesn’t matter if the professionals from Willamette HVAC, LLC installed your paint booth or not. Give us a call at (503) 616-7042 and we’ll take care of it quickly. Our specialists are qualified to perform repair and upkeep on all styles and brands of paint booths, as well as any accompanying equipment and ductwork.

Our best advice to prevent issues is proactive service from Willamette HVAC, LLC. We’re the best at what we do, and annual maintenance minimizes your costs and helps to avoid downtime. Our team of professionals are trained to pinpoint and address concerns, promoting greater reliability and equipment longevity. We also keep you informed, letting you know if anything might need replacement in the future. Let us take care of replacing the filter, verifying airflow, replacing belts, balancing the booth, cleaning the exhaust fan and plenum, and inspecting and possibly repairing the air makeup unit. Willamette HVAC, LLC keeps operations running smooth across Hillsboro, Aloha, Beaverton, Cornelius and Forest Grove, OR.

Willamette HVAC, LLC recommends and installs direct fired units and the essential paint booth ductwork. Our goal is to provide superior solutions to our customers, and the rewards of direct fired units surpass indirect fired units. Take a look at some of the advantages:

  • Eliminates the need for a heat exchanger and reduces investment costs.
  • Less materials in the air makeup unit translates into a lighter weight unit, which is particularly helpful for roof mounts.
  • Air is heated directly by a flame, wasting less energy when increasing the inside temperature.
  • Direct fired heat is superior in efficiency, turning about 98-99% of the gas used into useable heat.
  • Avoids the need for a chimney.
  • Allows more airflow to pass through the burner, increasing speed of temperature rise.
  • Provides the workspace more airflow.
  • Less stress/static pressure is placed on the intake fan.

Serving the Portland Metro area

What our clients are saying

Brianna B.

Jeremy Darling came in to fix my AC this evening as it has been leaking for the past week, he was super nice and super efficient. I couldn’t thank Jeremy enough for coming and fixing my AC as summer has only began and the temperatures have began to rise! Thank you Jeremy for your service, you are very much appreciated!

Lisa M.

Excellent customer service from the first minute. Erin made it easy to schedule service and Jesse did a great job installing the water heater. Really easy and smooth process. Thank you all!

Kala K.

Jeremy was very quick to figure out the problem with our electric furnace in our office AND our gas furnace for our warehouse. I was very pleased with his service and knowledge of how to deal with our issue. And now we have heat! Thank you Jeremy!