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Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems

The tradition Charles Bryant started more than a century ago is about more than heating and cooling. It’s about earning the trust of customers across the country by taking care of their indoor comfort needs.

Our family of hard-working products includes a wide range from furnaces to air conditioners and everything in between. And those products are unmatched when it comes to quality, durability, and reliability. In fact, from our early gas-fired boilers to today’s home comfort technology, our standards have remained the same: dependable, hard working comfort.

Our products go through rigorous testing beyond industry standards. Outside the lab, our products are installed by actual Bryant® dealers and tested in real-world applications, where Bryant® engineers gather insight as to how to continuously improve.

Since 1904, we have been building on the foundation of quality and reliability that Charles Bryant founded Bryant® Heating & Cooling on. We strive to go above and beyond, both in the lab and in the home, to bring you the customized home comfort solutions you deserve. To us, it’s not just about heating and cooling, but providing products you can rely on and service you can trust.

Facility Explorer

Facility Explorer by Johnson Controls is a building automation system that gives you more ways to apply advanced control technology to fit the way you work today.

The more you can see how your facility is performing, the more you’ll know how to reduce costs and improve comfort. Facility Explorer meets any building management need. Wireless or wired field controllers and devices provide direct closed-loop control over mechanical and HVAC equipment. Supervisory controllers deliver network-wide coordination for single or multiple sites. The result is an integrated, comprehensive control solution.

With Facility Explorer, you get increased visibility into building operations so you can resolve problems faster and easier. On-site or remotely. You can modify equipment and system control parameters to maximize efficiency and comfort from your mobile device. Plus we’ve made it easy to customize applications for your enterprise; no special tools, no add-ons, just the commitment to create a control system tailored to your specific requirements.

Facility Explorer Benefits

  • Easy to program and commission
  • Multiple networking communications
  • Seamless data sharing across your network
  • Remote access via multiple communication technologies
  • Easy to see, easy to use graphic user interface

Network Thermostat Controllers

The TEC2000 Series Thermostat controllers from Johnson Controls meet your need for a cost-effective networked small equipment controller by providing more communications options. These options include wired protocols, N2, BACnet® MS/TP, and LonWorks®. Wireless options include ZigBee® via a BACnet IP Coordinator or ZigBee via an FX20 or FX60 using the wireless option card. The TEC2000 Series offers equipment control from a single product: thermostat controller, temperature sensor, humidity sensor for dehumidification models, and occupancy sensor for PIR (passive infrared) models.

The TEC Series staged controllers can be used with rooftop units (with and without economizers), heat pumps, and single and multi-stage heating/cooling equipment.

The TEC2x45, TEC2xx6, and TEC2xx7 Series controllers are available for commercial and hospitality applications, including cabinet unit heaters, perimeter heating/cooling, zoning, and fan coil units. They provide control of various two and four-pipe fan coil equipment, and have options for one to three speeds of fan control. They offer additional application flexibility by providing advanced control signals – proportional, 0 to 10 VDC, on/off, or floating – and dehumidification capabilities.

Supervisory Controllers

The FX80 product provides integrated control, supervision, and network management services to one or more local networks of field controllers. The FX Supervisory Controllers provide system-wide coordination to automate building control operations, improve occupant comfort, reduce energy usage, and optimize operating efficiencies.

The FX Supervisory Controllers are similar in function and overall capabilities. The FX80 is compact DIN rail mountable controllers with the capability for external input and output points.

All of the FX Supervisory Controllers provide modular and scalable supervision and control for your building automation system. You choose only those hardware and software features that are applicable to your project requirements.

Programmable Controllers

The FX-PC Series Programmable Controller family provides you with a comprehensive controls solution for a wide variety of HVAC applications. These controllers are designed to provide direct, closed loop control over mechanical and electrical HVAC equipment, either as standalone devices or as part of a larger, networked control system. You benefit from a rich set of embedded features, and you can obtain additional functionality simply by adding accessories. You can program and commission them with a powerful and flexible tool that enables you to quickly build and deploy a quality control solution ideal for your individual application.

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Frank L.

Top notch. From the moment I called the good customer service was on! Jeremy came out on schedule and did a great job. Friendly, professional, informative, efficient. I highly recommend these folks.

Michael M.

I had a residential AC unit in need of repair. Jay from Willamette HVAC arrived and diagnosed the problem within 5 minutes of arrival. He was friendly, polite and very professional. Jay took the time to explain to me what exactly had broken down and showed me what repairs he would be doing. He even gave me tips on how to keep my HVAC unit running at optimal condition. In no time my AC unit was back up and running again. I will definitely be referring friends and family to Willamette HVAC in the future. Thanks again for the great work Jay.

Theodore W.

Jeremy just left after completing routine maintenance on our heating/cooling system. The service was impeccable and Jeremy was helpful, informative, and very polite.