Mercury thermostats aren’t accurate and offer only one function. Digital thermostats lack the flexibility and intelligence of a smart alternative. The state-of-the-art features and capabilities of a WiFi thermostat allow you to remotely check and change the temperature in your home or business from an app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. These innovative controls have become standard equipment. If you’re ready to make the cost-effective improvement and enjoy the many benefits, give Willamette HVAC, LLC a call at (503) 616-7042 for service anywhere across the Portland Metro area.

Enjoy the benefits of a WiFi Thermostat installation!

While the installation of a WiFi thermostat can be considered a DIY project, there’s a very real possibility of burning up a transformer or blowing the circuit board main fuse. At Willamette HVAC, LLC, we keep our costs affordable and put our expertise at your disposal. Let our qualified professionals help you determine the exact needs of your heating and cooling system and recommend the ideal thermostat to match. We’re happy to explain options, meet the demands of your lifestyle, and handle proper installation and setup. The experts from Willamette HVAC, LLC provide perfect year round comfort throughout Hillsboro, Aloha, Beaverton, Cornelius and Forest Grove, OR.

Why install a WiFi thermostat?

  • Keep tabs on your heating system when you’re away to avoid frozen pipes and major water damage.
  • Download the app and enter desired temperatures and times on your phone for easy programming.
  • Learning WiFi thermostats adapt automatically to your schedule, and even know when you’re home or away through a geofence feature that tracks your location via your smartphone.
  • Always come home to the perfect temperature.
  • Make changes to temperature from anywhere you happen to be.
  • Monitor the HVAC system and get alerts for drops in efficiency, temperature fluctuations, maintenance needs, or power outages.
  • Customizable displays can display digital photos, play music, change color, provide outside temperature, or light up when you enter the room.
  • No more wasting energy heating or cooling an empty home because you forgot to make an adjustment before heading out.
  • Reduce HVAC running, maintenance, and repair costs.
  • WiFi thermostats are more accurate and last longer than manual alternatives.
  • Paired with compatible heating and cooling components, smart thermostats offer zoning capability.
  • Can be synced to air quality accessories for a healthier home.

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What our clients are saying

Brianna B.

Jeremy Darling came in to fix my AC this evening as it has been leaking for the past week, he was super nice and super efficient. I couldn’t thank Jeremy enough for coming and fixing my AC as summer has only began and the temperatures have began to rise! Thank you Jeremy for your service, you are very much appreciated!

Lisa M.

Excellent customer service from the first minute. Erin made it easy to schedule service and Jesse did a great job installing the water heater. Really easy and smooth process. Thank you all!

Kala K.

Jeremy was very quick to figure out the problem with our electric furnace in our office AND our gas furnace for our warehouse. I was very pleased with his service and knowledge of how to deal with our issue. And now we have heat! Thank you Jeremy!